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Hello,it's me again..Yeah, here we are in Watch Dogs world,here is a first Watch Dogs fanfic and my second fan fiction. This is an Aiden Pearce x reader fan fiction,so if you're a fan of AC then,get out!! just kidding just kidding,(don't worry i'm fan of AC too Assassins Creed Icon  )well you may read now and you may think the possibilities never ended. I added some characters that is mine but nothing matters right? And your career as a lawyer,ok?
Anyway,let's read!!

Chapter 1: A New Life

(Y/n) so excited when she heard the good news,she got the job where she wanted from her childhood. (Y/n's) mom and her younger sister,Rachel congratulates her " That is great,honey " (y/n's) mother hug her " So,when will you start working? " she ask  " 1 week from now,but i need to leave tomorrow morning and then after i arrive,i just have to adapt with it's surrounding " she replies " So, (y/n) where's your office? I hope it's Chicago,     
so you could meet the infamous Fox " Rachel teased her " Is he even real? " (y/n) roll her eyes " Of course he did! " Rachel said as a matter-of-fact " Okay,i'm just kidding,Rach..You always take things seriously " (y/n) pinch her cheek lightly " That's why you love me,sis " she smiles " Alright fine, i love you,little-sis " (y/n) smiles too " Now,i want to go to my room,okay? " Rachel give a thumbs up,(y/n) laugh when she does that thumbs up(well,who doesn't? it's cute!) (y/n) goes to her room and start to pack up ' This is going to be the best day of my life! ' she speak to her self,at her room she was testing lots of shirt she wanted to wear in Chicago,2 hours later she went to sleep.

Next morning

First thing (y/n) said to her mother was " Morning,mum..What's for breakfast? " she ask sheepishly " (Y/n)..You've grown already,you need to learn to cook for yourself.." (y/n)'s mother put her hand on her waist " I know how to cook,mum...Just lazy that's all " " Be lazy toward your future husband,ok? " (y/n)'s mother was very clever,(y/n) pouted " Okay, i'm sorry dear,now eat up you don't want to miss your plane,do you? " (y/n) shakes her head " Okay,mum " they three eat breakfast. 

2 hours later

" We'll miss you,sis " 

" Be careful (y/n),there's lot of snatcher there,don't fight them just run,search for help " (y/n)'s mother hugs her " Okay mum,i remember all don't worry i'll be safe " (y/n) smiled at her mom " If something happen,go back home,okay " " Yes mom,well i need to go now,bye " (y/n) goes outside and wave at her family,hop in the cab and left her house compound " Goodbye Madison,hello Chicago " and so start the adventure of (y/n) Hilton.


" *Sigh* T-Bone,hurry up..! " the impatient Aiden Pearce starting to get rather annoyed as time flies by " Okay.....Got it,go!! " the computers was filled with computer virus Aiden and T-Bone made " HEY!! What's happening here?! " the bank executive yelled " It's...It's a virus,sir!! " the new guy started to panic " T-Bone smirk as the money in their account started to increases rapidly " Haha,we're rich Pearce,we're rich!! " T-Bone stated " Don't get excited yet " Aiden remind him " You're too solemn,Pearce " Jordi join in the conversation,he just silent " Shit,they scanning " Eric stated " Fuck,i'm disconnecting now..Jordi T-Bone,abort " they abort the mission
 " Hey,check that guy " Aiden start to walk faster as the guards were catching up to him,then he started to run from the bank to the streets of The Loop Districts and head over to Western side of Parker Square. He arrived at the Bunker only finding out they started to celebrate without him. " Are you serious? " was the word that came out from the master hacker's mouth " We thought you hate parties so we started without you " Jordi smile with smug face plastered on his face and Aiden just roll his eyes and T-Bone speak " I do hope that Clara with us today " Aiden didn't turn to face T-Bone "...She's gone now,no need for us to recall the incident " Aiden leaves without a word afterward and went upstairs,they stared at each other and T-Bone felt guilty washed over him,because reminding Aiden of Clara, a woman that change him into a human and the woman he once loved. 
Now she is dead at the hand of Lucky Quinn's men or Quinn himself " So T-Bone, Aiden says he need a new recruit.Have you found one? " Eric ask again " No,it's hard you know. He needs someone like Clara, gosh he's not over her yet. He can't accept the fate that there isn't someone like her..! " T-Bone sigh " Let's just rest, we've got lot of work to do tomorrow " T-Bone stated and they agreed.


' I have arrived to the Windy City,i admired the beautiful structures of the city,the art, Cloud Gate or the Bean,the Flamingo and many more! i will write this down on my (f/c) diary. Nonetheless, i didn't admire the high criminal activities here but i don't care much, i just have to avoid the alleyways and anywhere dangerous that's all. Now i'm heading over to my new house which is located in Parker Square,connected with the Loop and neighboring district is Pawnee,right? Yup, i get it right!! ' " I'm so happy that i wanna run,i love running. Right now i just want to go home so that i can sleep " 


' Here at last!! !! My house with master bedroom and two other bedroom,living room, two bathroom and one storage room. A perfect design!! ' my phone rings and I lift my phone,it was my oldest sister and I answered her call " Cassie!! Oh my god,it's been so long !! How you are doing? ( I'm fine,(y/n) You? I heard you have new job in Chicago) How did you know? Must be mom ( Of course it's mom,who else? *laughs*) Omg,Case it's beautiful here!!!! ( Congrats!! I hope it's in Parker Square,'cause I've been listening to gossips that it's a place for the rich ) Omg,you're never give up do you? ( Do you? So,after all this years..are you still single? Please tell me you have a boyfriend already..)  I broke up with a guy 2 years ago,sadly ( (y/n)..! What happened? ) He says that his parents doesn't like me, and he accused mom saying he's not good enough for me,urgh stupid jerk ( My my,you okay? ) I'm okay but i got a little bit overreacted i kicked him where the sun doesn't shine *laugh* ( You did that?! I salutes you,(y/n) Very much ) Where are you? Miss you so much ( Aww,i miss you too but i'm busy this week ) That's a bummer ( Don't you want to rest first,you must be tired ) But i still want to chat with you ( *laughs again* (y/n) you're cute and all but you need to save this cuteness for next month 'cause i'm coming to you!! Yeay! ) *gasp* you can't be serious??! ( Of course i'm serious! There's no point in lying to you now ) Case...( What?? ) You serious? I really need you now ( sweetheart, i need this position..After i got this position,i'll come immediately,ok? ) Okay ( Now i want you to rest alright? ) Alright,i'll rest ( Good girl,goodnight sweety ) Night..Then the call ends ' Case is coming over and i still doesn't buy the furniture...Damn how do i do this? ' Then i heard police sirens, so i went to the balcony and saw car chases on the street,i looked at the suspect's car and it was ' the Fox,he's real ' the police were after him, the Fox, some people adored him, some hate him for unknown reason,but i don't know what to think of him..Well,to me he's no one.Why do i care? It's not like i'm going to spend my life with him. As i'm about to go to my room,i heard one of my window was scattered into pieces but i'm not ready to face criminals now...Fuck,why now?! and so i gathered my courage to walk down the stairs silently,truthfully i really scared to shit right now...' Pepper spray!! In my pocket ' i pulled out the pepper spray and get ready to attack him or her. I finally got to the bottom floor and went to the kitchen and there he was..standing there,just peeking through the window "....GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!! " I sprayed him and he jumped in surprise but he was wearing his iconic mask,i gulp and tried to run away however he manage to grab me in harsh way and i struggled to get free of his grasps " Where you're going? " " Let me go you prick!! " he shrugs and let me go " Is this your house? " I got confused ' Now he's starting to have a civilized conversation with ME? What is wrong with this guy? ' I glared at him and he just nods " Nice house..I'm very sorry for this intervention but i really need to borrow your house right now if you don't mind,uh..(y/n) " he finished his sentence with a smirk " If i don't mind,you do know that ctOS can send the police faster..? this is Chicago,i can report you for 10-15 burglary and intrusion " I am good with words " Even if they did,i'll be long gone from here..and about ctOS,they're not doing a very good job in imprisoned me,they have never ever catch me " " Can you just go already??! Or i'll spray you with this ' I search my pockets and it was gone " You mean this? " He had spayed it while i was distracted.." You!! GET OUT!!!  " he chuckled in amusement " I have no intention of coming here either so i should go now " " Good " he climb the broken window and jumped down " And pay for the window!!! " " Check your account " I go check my account and it was a total of 10,000 dollars ' Well,at least i got the money,well he's kinda handsome for some reason...sigh,i should hit the bed now '  

The Bunker,T-Bone POV

I was hacking the The Loop district when Aiden got 'home' with gunshot wounds and bruised face " Got into a fight again? " he just looked at me with his neutral face " You think?..Got chased by some stupid cops,i need to loose 'em so i dumped the car and...." he looked at the screen ' something's going on with him ' " And? " " ...broke into someone's house "......." You WHAT?  You broke into someone house!! Aiden,you do understand the difference between criminals,police and vigilante,right? " he groans " Of course i know " " A vigilante means you take down criminal without legal authority and with your self-will and also to take down corrupted agencies like Blume and their Project ctOS " " I know T-Bone but it's not like i like the idea of breaking into the crazy girl house....!! "  I can't believe it!! A girl's house?! Yep,he's cray cray alright '  " A woman's house...What did you do the poor girl,Aiden??! " " Hey,i don't do anything to her " suddenly the news volume was turned up, Jordi and Eric already sitting on the couch waiting for big news " Let us see what the news for today Mr Fox "  Welp,Jordi's dead '

Anchorwoman: As we can see here,again the Fox was chased by the CPD after he broke into one of Blume's company to shut down ctOS *screen showing the car chases on the scene* After dumping his car in the lake,he broke into a house in attempt to lose himself into one of Parker Square's best neighborhood,short after *screen showing (y/n)'s house*..a woman aged 27 to 32 was holding a pepper spray in attempt to get rid of him,sprayed him but to no avail.Afterward,we can see that the Fox was having conversation with the young girl..minutes later,he jumped down,went to an alley and vanished in the dark. It is unknown if the Fox have known her for a long time,more news can be 
Anchorman: Well,what a good place to hide from police,Mr Fox. In other news....

We were all watching Aiden,he was dumbfounded at that moment " Now you see why i'm very concern when you said you broke into a girl's house " he just standing there,not even a move from him " Eric,lead him to his room,let him relax " As Eric went to him,that's was the time he chose to speak " I..don't have a choice,it's either broke in the house or broke in a prison " he himself went to his room ' Dammit,his ego just too high,please,someone enter his life and make his ego gone ' " So what now? " Eric ask " Now we continue with our work...Jordi,are you busy? " " No,want me to buy some 'appliances' for you? " " Thank you,Jordi " " Yeah yeah,thank me later will ya' " " Here ya' go " Jordi check the list and groan " So many stuff and so little time " " Whatever " Jordi's car revved to the top and so he goes to the black market to buy the parts and upgrades " Eric get me Aiden,i need his skill " " Eh,what happened? " " I want to know if he can recover the corrupt files " Eric thought for a second " Can i do it? " " You can try,but if Fixers storm this place,it's your fault " he roll his eyes " Pfft,you're just making that up so that i got scared and immediately bring Aiden here " " What do you want? " Aiden sits at the stairs " Come here you,i need you to fix this corrupt files " he goes to the computer and run a hacking diagnostic [ If it's real ] he tries to decrypt the corrupt files,a full hour of trying but he just can't but of course he don't want to say ' I can't do it ' because his god damn ego won't let him " I..need a new CPU,RAM and Motherboard " " just admit you can't do it " " I can, i just need some new upgrades " Then Jordi storm the door " Sorry,have to run away from other Fixers and raining weather,don't want the parts to get wet,right? " " You and your dirty mind " was all i can say " Well,you say you want some upgrades,there you go " Jordi handed the box to me and i gave the box to Aiden " What?...All the work on me,huh? " he looked at the box " Happy birthday Aiden " I stated in a matter-of-fact " Huh,it's 2nd May already? Happy birthday,Pearce " Jordi spoke up and went upstairs,Aiden start to disassemble the pc casing one by one,Eric just watch him while he assemble the parts, " Can't you help me by assembling this? " Aiden smack Eric's head with folded newspaper " No he can't help you,you need to do it yourself " " And why is that? What are you doing? " " I want to see if you still got it " Aiden sigh " Got what? " i facepalm "I want to see if you're still an obedient dog...Of course i want to see if you still good with upgrading parts and coding..Well,looks like you're getting slower on this change parts and coding " he finally finish assembling the pc "...T-Bone,are you worried? " " You think? " Aiden chuckled " I'll be okay T-Bone " Eric suddenly ask " What do you say to her? " Aiden faced Eric " She says she want to call and report me to the police,so i told her they can't catch me..She talks about ctOS too " he smirk " Just don't get too proud Aiden,it could led your incarceration " " True that " " Whatever " Aiden's phone vibrates means mission." I got to go now " " Really?? You just got here " " Need to go " And so he steps out from the Bunker's door and leave the compound " Sigh,he'll never learn,did he? " " Yeah"


Aiden POV 

' They'll never shut up,do they? I'm not a kid anymore...i need to buy some new upgrades ' as i'm about to turn at a junction,my phone flash a light indicating the possibility of criminal activities,so I park my car and get out,I pull up my neckwarmer to my nose and peek through the alley,seeing that no one there I traveled deeper until I heard footsteps on the front, I take a peek again,a guy was following a girl,the man approached the woman and push her to the wall and talk to her with his slurry voice " Goin' somewhere,sexy? " she struggled to get loose " Let me go!!!! " then realization hit me,it was the same woman I broke in her house " (y/n).. " the guy slides his hand through her lower back,I sprinted and attack him with my tactical baton, hit him until he's out cold " You okay? "she fix her shirt " Yeah,thanks " " (y/n) right? " " Yeah, (y/n) (l/n)..thank you and i'm sorry i yelled at you last time " " It's my job and you don't need to concern 'bout it,i expect you would react like that,so..yeah " she giggles " why do you go through here? It's dangerous you know that? " she pick up her handbag " Well, i kinda in a hurry 'cause i got an emergency call at my workplace " " Want me to send you? " she thinks for a second " Well,i do in hurry...i don't bother you,right? " " Not at all,come on follow me " she follows me and when we arrived to my car,she suddenly shrieks,i quickly turn to face her " What happened?! " she covers her mouth " Sorry,it's just your car,it's the Stealth Edition..! it's limited you know that??! Being a hacker is awesome! " I just chuckled and open the door for her,she smiled and thank me,I start my car and set GPS to the Wards,we talk a little " So Where do you work? " " I'm an intern in the law firm " " A lawyer..You don't get upset when you have to defend a suspected criminal? " she looked through the window " my father's a respected lawyer,i want to be like him,never cares if he have to defend criminals,he does his job very perfectly " " Where is he now? " she turned to face me " He was shot by a criminal he once defended " ' Damn it, why did i ask that?! ' " I'm sorry for your lost " she laughs " He's not dead yet " " What? " " He's in Washington,he work in Medical University....I never ask,what's your name? " I silent for a moment " Don't you watch the news? the news must have always says my name " " No one knows your real name,Mr Fox " " Really? Look like i'm not that popular " she roll her eyes " Well,what is it? Or don't you have any? " i turned to face her " Of course i have a name " " Uhuh " I sigh in defeat and speak in mocking way " Hi,my name's Aiden Pearce and i'm the Fox everyone been talking about " " Aiden? Well,nice to meet you,i'm (y/n) " " Yeah hi " then it got silent for a moment before she asks " What did your dad do? " " He..I don't know,i'm originally from here " she nods " I can see that,let me guess..Irish? " " Yeah,how did you know? " " Well,it's easy you doesn't look like American,you obviously doesn't have Scottish accent and you're obviously not from Wales,like Scottish no accent " " Voila " all the way was silent,no things to talk about, about 10 minutes later we arrived to the firm " Thanks Aiden,can you pick me up at 8? " " Yeah sure " she opens the door and wave at me,I wave back then she runs inside and of course some of people watch me and her, I quickly change gear to drive and accelerate away. 


' This is weird..Why are they watching me? Did i do something or my clothes?  I cleared my throat to signal them,I'm not feeling comfortable!! Sigh,this is hard..Aiden,help me..Wait,why his name? Oh no! Not this drama again!! ' The Supervisor who was about to brief us enters the room " Hello trainees,my name's Eva Lucas,i'm your Supervisor until your 3 years of test is over,understand? " We all nods and listen to her speeches,techniques and basic of becoming a lawyer.After full 5 hours of lectures,we're all was dismissed,one of my colleague suddenly ask me " Wow,the Fox's girlfriend a lawyer? Never thought he actually have feelings " ' This bitch is annoying,gosh forgive me Aiden,please don't scream at me later ' " Are you insulting him or me? " she gives that bitchy face " I don't know,maybe both " well,she's in trouble " Oh really? You want to meet him? He's nice actually " " My dad is a police,i can't befriend criminal " I pushed her " I'm not a criminal! " she flips her hair " You're his girlfriend,still a criminal " She pushed me back but a girl catch me and I yelled back " Well at least i have a boyfriend! " She turned back " Urgh! You!! " 
k " Well at least i have a boyfriend!!! " she turned back " urgh! You!! " She turned back,walking faster to her car " Sorry about Melissa,she's just jealous " " Yeah,i'm (y/n) Hilton,you? " we shakes our hands together " Chelsea Miller,Charles daughter? I heard a lot about your dad " " Yeah " " You need a ride? " " That's okay,i got my own ride " " Right,you're boyfriend..What's his name? " I shouldn't lie " Aiden Pearce "  " Wow,(y/n) Pearce,your name and his surname fits together,no wonder you're a couple " 'She's nice,i hope she doesn't freak out when she found out my boyfriend was the Fox,no no,fake boyfriend ' Aiden already waiting for me at the roadside to pick me up " He's here,i should go now " " Wait,that's the Fox,right? You're full of surprises " I giggled " Oh and don't tell anyone about him okay? can you promise me on that? " " Of course,i'm the secrets keeper " " Alright,thanks Chelsea " I go to Aiden and eye signal him I'm sorry for this,can you kiss me? and he nods,I enter the car and he kissed immediately on the lip " Hey babe, so how it goes? " he gave a relaxed smile " It's good " " Who's that woman push you earlier? " " Aiden,don't worry about that..She's just jealous " Chelsea went to us " Oh and (y/n),practice your debate speech too,they want to test us against each other tomorrow " " Thanks Chelsea..Aiden,meet Chelsea " " Hi " they shake hands " It must be must be difficult to handle haters,right? " " I don't need to handle the haters, i don't care much about them,all i need to care is (y/n) " he faced me and I blushed " Aaw,that's very sweet..Alright,see you tomorrow,(y/n) " she left afterward and Aiden close the tinted window and I hit his arm " Why did you say that??! " he laughs " I'm sorry,i thought it will be all sweet and romantic,you know couples stuff " I hit him again " Hey,i'm driving here " " Whatever " " You hungry? " " What? You want to treat me now? " " Nah,just checking if you're hungry and if you are,i'll take you there,but pay yourself " " sure " " Of course i pay,you dummy " " You're dummy " " I'm sly not dumb " " Whatever,Mr Pearce or Mr Fox " we interact easily,get to know each other quickly,after we arrived..we enter the cafe and order,we talk and insult stuff about ctOS and Blume,talked for hours, I check my watch and it's 10:14 " Oh my gosh, i need to go home now " " Sure " he pay up,we went to his car  and he start up the car and change gear to reverse,then change back to drive and accelerate a little fast " You need to go home quick,right? " " Yeah,the gate closed on 10:30 " " Alright " he speed up and use the highway,as always there must be police sirens in the back,well for him it's normal,but for me I got a little scared,minutes later he get out of the highway ,using zigzag roads and cut through the Wards,completely lose himself from the police " Wow,you're really good in this stuff " " I can't let them follow me any longer " " Yeah " I fell asleep all the way.

Aiden POV

' She must be tired listening to the lectures straight 5 hours,law is painful..I keep my eyes on the road,but i want to watch her...Wait no!! Pearce,no you can't do that,she's probably married or at least have boyfriend..but if she have boyfriend,she could call him to send and pickup her..Why do you care? It's not like she's going to love you like Clara love ' (y/n) smack my face,well not to hard " Are you dreaming?" " No " she laughs " You missed my house " what?! Sorry " " That's okay " I make U-turn and enter ' High Grove,Nicky's house,was her house..It was Jacks 10th birthday party and i was late ' " You can stop here " I parked the car and watch her house " It's nice " " Yeah,want to come inside? " my phone vibrates and I check it was Jordi " No,i can't stay " " Oh..Will we meet again? " I'm not entirely sure,we may bump into each other a couple times but that's it " Of course,maybe for coffee? " ' I replied that,of course dummy,damn ' " Alright..bye " she get out from my car,I roll up the window on the passenger side " We'll see each other again " she turned and nods,continue to walk to her house,I lower the window then drives away.


' OMG!! I need to message Cassie real quick!! ' I run to my room and grab my phone,texted Cassie

Me: Case!! XD
Cassie: Oh my god,(y/n) what is it??! -_-'
Me: I think i'm in love again!!(>///<) 
Cassie: You told me you don't want to be in love again
Me: I did but i think i'm so wrong 'bout it,this time i met the r8 guy
Cassie: Ugh,it's your responsibilities with your body,anyway who was the guy? Is he handsome? 
Me: Well,he's hard to describe
Cassie: His name?
Me: Aiden
Cassie: Birthdate?
Me: I don't know
Cassie: Oh good,you only knows his name and you're in love with him
Me: Relax,i'm on it
Cassie: Good news!! I'll be coming over in 2 weeks!!
Me: Case!! What happened?? 
Cassie: Well,i got the promotion but i have to settle this job first -_-',sorry
Me: It's s'okay
Cassie: Woops gtg,boss iz here,bye!!
Me: :-( ,bye

' my sister,Cassie Hilton,an successful businesswoman,an idol,beautiful widow,very successful woman,always focusing on work,the only time she have with us is when business stock market is down,which is rarely happened ,she's no family woman...I guess it's time to sleep ' I lie down on my bed and tries to text Aiden

Me: Hey 😊
Me: U there?
Aiden: Hey,not sleeping yet?

' He replied?? Alright,let's get to know him

Me: Not yet,cant sleep😕
Aiden: Y?
Me: Idk
Aiden: Alright then,talk 2 me,you'll b sleepy
Me: Who says?😂
Aiden: I did😏
Me: Ok,where do we start? I know,when is your birthday? You start first,then i'll go
Aiden: Can i trust u?
Me: Am i police? No right
Aiden: Alright fine,2nd May
Me: (b/d),favourite food?
Aiden: Don't have any
Me: Then what do you eat?
Aiden: I don't 😂
Me: Bruh😑
Aiden: Ok,i usually eats pizza,burgers and salad,sometimes just coffee
Me: Mine is (f/f) So,favourite drink
Aiden: Black coffee
Me: (f/d)..Where do you live?
Aiden: Can't tell ya
Me: Plz
Aiden: Alright,i only tell you the location
Me: ok then
Aiden: Abbot Island
Me: Well thx
Aiden: Shit!! Um (y/n) need to go now,something happened,i'll text you back

' Something happened? I hope they're alright..I can't stay here,hoping they are saved,i need to check them ' I search my bag for my white t-shirt and black jacket with hoodie and greyish black jeans ' got you ' I change into that clothes,grab my phone and run downstairs.I get out of my house and hailed a taxi " Where do you wanna go,miss? " " Um, i want to go to Abbot Island " " Alright then " I look at the taxi driver ' He looked suspicious,is he even a driver? And why is he wearing bandanna? ' " Have you met the Fox? " ' Shit!! He's not a taxi driver,he have a gun ' " Miss? " " I'm sorry,uh no " " Good,'cause you'll meet him " " What? " Then it went dark


My head hurts,my wrist is feeling uncomfortable and the floor is cold.I heard faint voices saying " After that he will come to us to retrieve the girl,easy " " When he come,that's when we'll restrain him with this rope dart,right? " he laughs " And so,we knock him out cold and send him to boss " they laughs again " Aiden " I speak quietly but they heard me says it '' Sleeping beauty has awoke, what were you saying? " " You'll never get to him " one of them snorts and walked to me and hold my face harshly " And why is that? " " Because he'll defeat you all by himself " " You're really trust him that much? Or you've fall into his embrace? " his friend laughs and they leave to pick up the rope dart ' Fuck!! This is my fault and now Aiden is in big trouble..Aiden,don't save me ' 30 minutes later they came but with more men with the rope darts,all of them went upstairs and get ready to strike him when the time come ' Someone,
please save him

Aiden POV

Fixers keep coming and swarm this Bunker,T-Bone's inside to scramble the coms and stop the Fixers from coming,Jordi and Eric are here with me but just us is not enough ' But then,Fixers stop shooting and so are we,a black Chevrolet SUV Tahoe came from the front bridge with the convoy parked in front of us,the boss came out,he's a 6.2 feet Caucasian with black fancy suit and start speaking in his English accent " So this is the infamous Fox? Not as i expected " I pull up my neck warmer again " What? You think doing that will intimidate me? I am Alexei   It will only scare my men " " What do you want? " " Now you're asking..I came here representing my boss,he want me to show you this " He send me a video showing a dark place,a couple of minutes later the lights goes up,showing a girl in the old abandoned warehouse " Mr Fox or should i call Mr Pearce? You're not that smart,you should really wiped your data,Pearce " as he was mumbling,I watch the girl on my phone's screen ' (Y/n)? FUCK! ' I strike and pinned him to the ground " What are you doing to her?! " he laughs and his men aimed their weapon at me " It was my boss's idea " I him with my gun " Who's your boss? " " You should know who's the boss,Pearce " ' Who?? Damien? Defalt? No way it's those two,the're dead at my hand..Not Defalt,but Damien did...Fuck!! Who?! ' " I don't want to waste my time playing your game " " haha,you're so naive " ' Maurice? No,he learnt his lesson,he knows not to fuck with me ' " Where is she??! "
Suddenly, my phone rings,i answered it ( Aiden Pearce,you don't know me,but you're about to ) [ I know,one of Furious 6 dialogue, sorry ] What do you want?? You want me,you have to let her go first ( *laughs*  Brave word for a man like you...I have many things to say but the time doesn't wait for us,right?...Well,It is nice talking to you,Mr Pearce*ends call* ) " You will have her after you follow our instruction,we will send it to you later,for 5 days,1 day 1 instruction,the 6th day you must follow us to a place " " Let her go first.." " Like i said,it's not that easy,Pearce " "....Name.." " What's that? " " Your name " " Oh? Sorry,my name is Jack Axton " I slide open my phone to profile him but " And don't try to search or profile me,you won't find anything useful " I check my phone again,it shows nothing but only pixelated picture of him ' Nothing else?? There's gotta be something hidden ' and the guy leave the compound and so as fixers ' (y/n),i'm coming for you..Just wait

To be continued...

How was it?? I hope it was good 'cause i'm just started,anyway tune up for the next chapter!! Leaves a comment,share and fav!!(optional)
Raining Day
Just a picture i took with my phone in raining day and use instant Iphone 4s filter
 Hello,yeah this is my first fanfiction on Deviantart,so don't mad if it's sucks lot....If you hate Roach was alive well then i'm sorry but i just have to make him alive..And also i make him American,and i add some characters you don't even know and maybe hate but i don't care..I made some changes with the date so don't get mad...I don't know the other 141 member real name so i just make it up...This is a one shot..and i make it a little futuristic a bit,but don't worry only their devices,no metal body or something,i call it a ' NanoCom or NC ' a transparent communication devices ( remember TRON: Legacy) (Anyway,search in Google,type tron legacy portable devices ui) So,yeah enough with introduction let's start reading!!

Roach's POV


As I open my eyes, I immediately search for my fucking phone, when i found it i pick it up and it shows 'Date: 1.12.2016 Time: 05:01 AM'...I look outside and it's the first snow was shown " Yeah,snow!!! " then,someone woke up by my scream,oh how typical " My God, Sanderson what the hell you're yelling about?! " the person ask and that person is Daniel Rorke aka Rook " It's snowing,Rook! " i answered back " Oh God! fucking finally! " he falls back on his bed,grateful because it was holiday,no mission,no enemy,no yelling,no getting shot etc. " Welp,i'm going outside to play with the snow " Just as i want to go outside someone hold me down and there's no other than Captain's right hand - man, Simon 'Ghost' Riley " Where are you going,mate? " His thick British accent making me wanna go to Captain and ask him myself for permission to play with snow " Aaw,come on Ghost i just wanna go outside,please? " I plead to him " Sanderson, go to shower first if you wanna go outside,you want people to smell something bad on you? You don't want that, do you? " He ask " No,of course not...i'll go to shower first." Then,followed by Ozone,others too had awaken. " Good morning guys ( while yawns) " " Morning Ozone,it's snowy already " I said " Finally, a break from chaos " " Ouch " Ghost says " Don't act like you don't agree to it " Rook says,throwing a pillow at Ghost but Ghost manage to avoid it and throw the pillow back to Rook " Well,after shower and breakfast then you can go outside or do anything you want to do,alright? " The others heard Ghost and suddenly cheered,Ghost just roll his eyes and leave the bunker "  I got an idea,let's play snowball fight! "  I look at them with an evil smile " Sanderson, we know that wicked smile and hell yeah we're going to play snowball fight " Meat says " Great,now let's took some shower and breakfast first then we'll play 

 After we had our breakfast, we all gather outside 

"Alrighty,we're all here? " I ask " Affirmative " Rook confirmed it " Right,we gather here because we want to arrange team,guns,ammo and rules,understand? " Everyone nods " Okay, we have Team 1 and Team 2,we have 12-..." Ghost interrupted me " 14 people " and he brought Captain with us " You ready to join us,Captain? " " If only Ghost weren't dragging me here,no i won't be ready " " Cheer up,Mactavish it's just a snowball fight for queen's sake " Ghost wink at Mactavish  "  Damn British guy,fine let's start the fight " "Great! Alright first, Team 1...Whom should i choose? " Ghost sighed " Let's just pick random names " He said "Fine,random pick...Meat,Toad,Archer,Chemo,Robot,Roy,me " " Fine,the other we take,Ozone,Rook,Scarecrow,Worm,Mactavish,Nikolai,me " Ghost reply " First of all,there will only be one sniper,second the base is the arsenal,third three shots and you're dead,fourth no asking for help from enemy member and strictly no help from the others that didn't join,fifth and the last rule if the last both team last with 2 people standing, no hiding,face - face match up,understood? " Everyone agreed to the condition and we all go set up "Ouh,forgot to say..By the time of 0900,the war start...Thank you for listening and now enjoy " Team 2 lost from my sight after i made the speech,i check my watch '0813' alright " We have 47 minutes 'till war started,we'll set up ambush " I declare " Hey,i think i know where to set up the second ambush " Roy says " Roach,follow me " So,i follow him to the said place..He brought me to the corner of the base " Uuh,what's with the corner ? " I got weirded out " Remember the past training,' always watch your corner'?,Captain said that because enemies always set up ambush at the corner,so how about we set up ambush From the tree? " " That's actually great,no one expect 'gifts' from the trees,alright then we have 7 people,2 here,2 there,the other three search for the rest..We'll scare them good " " Alright,let's go back "

At Team 1 cover point

" Ok,we got 20 minutes left,preparation done? " " Yes,sir..How about the second ambush point? Found it? "  " Course, i need Chemo and Robot at ambush point 2,Toad Archer,between you two become the sniper and the other protect the sniper " " Archer's the sniper,i'm the supporter " " Good, Roy Meat let's go 

30 minutes later,the war start. Third person POV

                                                         '  Team 1 suppressor : Roach,Roy,Meat   ‘

                                                         ' Team 1 ambush squad : Toad,Archer,Robot,Chemo '

                                                         '  Team 2 suppressor : Rook,Scarecrow,Ozone ‘

                                                         ' Team 2 ambush squad : Soap,Ghost,Nikolai,Worm '

                                                          '             SNOW WARFARE Initiated                 ‘



Roach just giggle all of the sudden  " The hell you thinking now,Roach? " Roy ask " Check your NC " " We can check it later,Bug " " Daw,that's a bummer " " Hey,focus guys " Meat remind them " I forgot,we can use camera to get upper advantage " Roach face palm him self for being so clumsy " But only from the outside " " Wait,i hear movements " Roy said " Fuck,they have the upper advantage on us " They heard Ozone,Scarecrow and Rook talking,so they whisper to each other " Roach,what's your plan? " " They're already scared,right,Meat you can climb right? I want you to climb up the ceiling and wait for my go, Roy you and i hide at the corner " They both nods " Let's go " Roach command " I really hate jumpscares,dude " And so,after their calculation was right(means Meat was up the ceiling, Roach and Roy at the corner,Ozone,Scarecrow and Rook was at the center of Team 1's position,clever right) Roach,Roy get out of their hiding and Meat jump back down and shot them " Fuck!! " Ozone yelled " Are you using camera?! " Rook yelled too " No,but from the  outside..yeah we can use cameras " Roach said innocently " Fucking cockroach " Ozone snorts "  Yeah,good luck fighting Captain Mac and Lieut. Rye " They said while high - fiving each other " Thanks " Roach wave at them " 3 down, 4 to go " 

When suddenly....

" Roach, we're down....Captain shot us " Robot inform Roach " Shit,they shot Robot and Chemo " " *Sigh* So,we left 5 people? " Roy inquire " Yeah, but don't worry there were 4 people we're 5 " " How did they find them? " Roach ask " You know Captain well, he's observant " Meat reply " We should wait at the cover point " Roy command " Yeah,we should " Roach claim " Let's go " 

2 hours later

" Okay, seriously where are they? It's been two hours already " Toad crossed his arm " Relax Toad,they will be at the end of my gun " Archer said arrogantly " Yeah, say it again i dare you " Soap says while aiming for his head while Ghost at Toad's " Ca..Cap...Captain? " Archer put down his gun and so as Toad " Get up " Ghost command them " Now, let them have the 'Price' " " But Captain, Roach says no help from anyone except our own team " " He did, but does he tell you that the one didn't join can join? " Soap smirk " Ghost,record them " " Sure,will do

Ghost: Hey,bug check ur NC
Roach: Y?
Ghost: Just Czech it

Weird " Roach 'Czech' it and it was a video showing that they already captured Toad and Archer " NO!! " Roach scream and Roy covers Roach mouth " Roach,shut up....! What are you yelling about?! " Roy insist " They got Toad and Archer,how the hell we're going to win?! " " Relax, we just have to kill Nikolai and Worm " " They will pay " Then,Meat got shot " Cover!! " they both take cover, Roach take a peek and discover it was Soap,Ghost,Nikolai and Worm " Give it up,bug!! You've lost already!! " Ghost announce " No! " ' I'm not losing my own war ' " " Finish us if you dare " They both smirk,Team 2 advanced and....bang " Ambush!! " Soap shout at his team,Roach and Roy shot Nikolai and Worm,both team runs away " Shit,i don't think that work " Roy exclaim,Roach just smirk " Course they do

Ghost: Bug!!
Roach: Suprise2!!
Ghost: U better get out of ur hiding now!!
Roach: FINE!!! F - F match up...REMEMBER!!

" Let's go,they've been waiting in hell for us " Roach says,after some minutes of walking " We meet again,mate " Ghost speak " So,the rules stating that we have to do a two vs two match - up,true? " Soap add " Yeah or do we want to do a men style,huh? " Roach grin " We do that,we end up killing each other " They all just stand there " Then,if so " then began the chaos,each team shooting at each other,all dodging each bullets (what i means by bullets,it's snow) but then Ghost shoot Roy " NO!! " Roach quickly duck into a cover " Haha, no where to run,bug..C'mon give it up,there's two of us and Just you..Accept the fate,bug..You can't downthrow your CO on Your own " Roach think and think and again and again..Then he gets an idea " Rules doesn't said that one person can't hold two guns on same time " Roach then send a blow attack by taking both guns and shot them in the head!! Suprise by the attack,Team 1 victory!!!! " I won!!! Woohoo!! I killed our CO " The other defeated members go cheered for Roach whilst Soap and Ghost still suprised by Roach's suprise killing blow attack

Week after Snow Warfare,they went on a mission Soap and Ghost was giving the war to Roach as a revenge for defeating them and it was a normal day for the 141

Hahaha,that was a tough fight, Team 1 conquer and Team 2 conquered!! Congrats Roach,of defeating ur CO!! Roach: Well well,it's just a rough luck,buddy Soap: Roach!! Ghost: Bug! Get your bloody ass here!!! Roach: Welp, gtg m8,olla!! *runs* 

Task Force 141 Snow Warfare
Hello, i'm the author of this story,i hope you like it and even favourite it...Tell me Your favourite character and i might do a fanfiction about your F/C,let me know in the comments,thank you and also sorry for grammar mistake,i'm too lazy to fix it so sorry and i  really love your art right here,for the original artist,this is for everyone and especially you,thank you!!
OMG MOAR POEMS!  Are You Happy 


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